The 2016 Roy C. Haines Dinner was held on November 19, 2016 at The Knights of Columbus #2169 Council in Silver Spring, MD. Guests enjoyed dinner, drinks, a silent auction, and dancing along with an awards ceremony featuring the Roy C. Haines Award and the Mark Q. Rhoads Volunteer of the Year Award.


2016 Roy C. Haines Award Winner -- Virgin Islands Association

2016 Roy C. Haines Award Winner -- Virgin Islands Association

2016 Mark Q. Rhoads Volunteer of the Year Award -- Isapela Coggins (Guam Society of America)

The Mark Q. Rhoads Volunteer of the Year Award

About the Award  - The Mark Q. Rhoads Volunteer of Year Award is given to an individual that has contributed significantly to success of the National Conference of State Societies (NCSS). Mark Q. Rhoads served for one year as the President of the Illinois State Society and three years as the President of the NCSS. 

Award Winners

2016 -- Isapela Coggins (Guam Society of America)

2015 -- Dee Dee Fusco (Maine State Society)

2014 -- Nancy Fatemi (New Jersey State Society)




The Roy C. Haines Award

About the Award - The Roy C. Haines Award is given to the State Society or Territorial Society that: 

  1. Demonstrates sustained best organizational practices resulting in a viable and active society
  2. Supports and participates in NCSS programs, projects, and activities
  3. Connects with the home state entities either located in the state or the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area
  4. Sponsors special projects, programs, or activities of a community-service nature reflecting credit on the society, its members and by extension on the NCSS

Award Winners

2016 -- Virgin Islands Association

2015 -- Illinois State Society

2014 -- New Jersey State Society

2013 -- Guam Society of America

1993 -- Maine State Society

1979 -- Virginia State Society

1978 -- Illinois State Society

1977 -- West Virginia State Society

1976 -- Massachusetts State Society

1975 -- Vermont State Society

1974 -- North Carolina Society 

1973 -- Guam Territorial Society

1972 -- Ohio State Society

1971 -- Massachusetts State Society

1970 -- Tennessee State Society

1969 -- Pennsylvania State Society

1968 -- Alaska State Society

1967 -- Florida State Society

1966 -- Kentucky State Society

1965 -- Hawaii State Society

1964 -- New York State Society